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Why Choose Neo As Your New Wireless Charger?

Why Choose Neo As Your New Wireless Charger?

You received a brand new phone for Christmas (e.g. a Samsung S8 or iPhone X or 8) but you still haven’t got to try that wireless charging feature that you so desperately wanted to?

You’re undecided on which wireless charger to buy, and rightly so. Wireless charging is a relatively new concept and picking the right wireless charger could mean the difference between utilising one of your phone’s best features and simply giving in to charging your new phone via USB i.e. the old way.

So, what’s different about Neo Wireless Charger?


  • Qi charging: This is the most recognised standard across wireless charging devices, including Apple and Samsung. Neo supports Qi devices, meaning your phone is likely to be compatible with Neo’s wireless charging pad.
  • Large charging pad: Qi charging works on the principle of electromagnetic signals being sent between a sender coil and a receiver coil. Most wireless chargers have a small surface area (and a smaller coil) which means you may struggle to find the ‘sweet spot’ where your phone charges best. Neo’s large charging pad removes this issue. Simply place your phone on the pad and go!
  • Standard plug connector: Some wireless chargers need to be plugged into an adapter before they can be plugged into the wall socket. Neo comes with a fixed, standard plug connector (options for both EU/UK/AU plug sockets) so you don’t have to worrying about safety or purchasing an adapter.
  • Safety: Neo is the safest solution. Complying with worldwide safety standards and testing, Neo is designed to be kept plugged in and ready for when you need it most.
  • USB ports: Most wireless chargers are designed for wireless charging only. Neo acts as a charging station to charge devices both wirelessly and via USB, including Apple and Android. Neo can safely charge up to 5 devices at the same time using a single power point.
  • Size: Having several different chargers causes mess, takes up space and uses valuable plug sockets. Neo offers a compact, tidy solution to charge 5 devices using just one power point. It even has handy storage slots to keep your devices separated whilst they charge.
  • Accessories: Neo comes with Qi wireless charging adapters for both Apple and Android devices (lightning and micro-USB connectors) so you can even charge your older devices wirelessly. Neo even includes 4 x short USB cables to stop unwanted tangles and mess.
  • Price: Neo Wireless Charger is available now for just £39 with FREE UK shipping! That’s 5 chargers for the price of one!

If you’re looking for a neat, compact solution to charge your devices both wirelessly and via USB, Neo Wireless Charger is the perfect solution for you!