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Snapchat try once more to rule the camera glasses market with Spectacles

Snapchat try once more to rule the camera glasses market with Spectacles

They tried it once before, but the original Spectacles by Snapchat were a bit of a flop. Riddled with glitches, they didn’t sell too well and quickly became a bit of a laughing stock for the company. But now they’re back, trying once more to perfect their original concept.


Snapchat’s Spectacles are stylish sunglasses with an inbuilt camera to take 1642 x 1642px photos and 1216 x 1216px videos completely hands-free. Yes, the videos and photos are circular to move away from the vertical/horizontal restrictions of photos and images, making them easy to share and edit. Snapchat wants to enable you to capture life’s precious moments without the need for a hand-held camera. This ‘hands-free’ concept allows you to capture moments from your own perspective – easily available to share with others at the touch of a button.


To operate, simply press the button on the corner of the frame to record a 10 second video, and press again to record a video up to 3 seconds long. To take a photo, simply press and hold the button. Although the videos are technically ‘hands-free’ you’ll need to hold the button on your glasses to take a photo – but this will only affect those mirrored selfies! The Spectacles are ‘splash-proof’ which makes them great for pool parties (as Snapchat advertises) but you’d need to double check just how waterproof they are.

The HD circular format provides a larger perspective for your photos and videos. You can easily rotate images on your phone’s display, making it easier to select which portion you want to share. The Spectacles have a rechargeable battery which should last for around 70 videos per charge, with a 4GB flash memory to store around 150 videos or 3,000 photos on the device itself.


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to connect the Spectacles to the Snapchat app to instantly download and share your photos and videos to Snapchat and other social platforms. Each set of Spectacles comes with a dedicated charging case, charging cable and a cleaning cloth to get rid of those annoying finger smudges.

Currently Snapchat Spectacles are available in ruby, onyx and sapphire on a one-size-fits-all basis for £149.99 in the UK, currently not available in Australia. We can’t wait to try them out!

Source: Spectacles