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Samsung unveils first ‘unbreakable flexible panel’ display

Samsung unveils first ‘unbreakable flexible panel’ display

We’ve all heard the stories of the ‘bendable’ smartphones where the screens eventually end up splitting and cracking under pressure. With more and more users opting to keep their smartphones case-free, the need for a more flexible device and display is becoming an increasing issue. Many consumers carry their smartphones in trouser pockets, which put stress on the device sometimes causing it to bend with the curves of the body, leading to cracking screens and bending handsets.

Samsung Display Company (aka Samsung) have announced a newly developed flexible and ‘unbreakable’ screen panel which has been verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The display underwent testing based on the U.S. Department of Defense military standards, fuelling rumours that Samsung may be looking to supply devices to the U.S. military.


In Samsung’s press release, they noted that the display passed several rigorous tests including a 1.2 metre drop test (nearly 4 feet) above the ground 26 times in succession and high (71 degrees Celsius) and low (-32°C) temperature tests, during which the panel “continued to function normally with no damage to its front, sides or edges.”

The display uses flexible OLED panels held together by a plastic “unbreakable substrate” rather than the standard glass used in most mobile devices. This plastic substrate is very similar to glass yet provides flexibility and strength whilst being lightweight enough to integrate into portable devices.

Samsung are hoping to utilise their flexible, unbreakable display panel in an array of devices such as mobile military devices, portable game consoles, tablets and even control panels in vehicles. It’s a very exciting development that could soon be affecting the way our mobile devices look and feel in the near future.

Source: Samsung