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Samsung developing world-first foldable smart phone

Samsung developing world-first foldable smart phone

The race for the first foldable smartphone has reached new heights, with rumours Samsung are developing a powerful, folding device to be released next year.

It’s surprising the concept has taken so long to develop since the technology already exists. OLED displays (organic light-emitting diodes) don’t require a backlight – making them more energy efficient and paper-thin unlike traditional displays. These qualities allow for OLED displays to bend and fold without losing image quality or screen functionality. Combine that with the slimline devices we see in today’s market and you have yourself the means to build a foldable phone (maybe it’s not that simple!)


We’ve already seen foldable smartphone prototypes, like Lenovo’s Folio (above) – a tablet which folds to half its size - which it exhibited last year. Just a month ago, Samsung Display Company (aka Samsung) announced a newly developed flexible and ‘unbreakable’ screen panel which has been verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The display underwent testing based on the U.S. Department of Defense military standards, fuelling rumours that Samsung may be looking to supply devices to the U.S. military. So why has it taken so long to develop the folding screen?


The rumoured Samsung Galaxy X has a few different design concepts – some with a wallet-style fold, others folding more like a double-screen smartphone. Despite the rush to be the first to launch the foldable smartphone, Samsung may delay its release whilst the currently popular bezel-free display continues to sell.

Would you invest in a folding smartphone? Or would you prefer to keep your smartphone and tablet separate?

Source: Metro Online