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Print Polaroids from your Phone with Moto Z

Print Polaroids from your Phone with Moto Z

The whole mobile ‘mod’ scene hasn’t exactly gone to plan for smartphone manufacturers in recent years, with the public taking a lot of convincing to accept the new mobile concept. LG shortly abandoned their mod attempt a few years ago, but Motorola, determined as ever, have stuck with the idea and created a new range of mods to try to win us over.


Their newest edition is a nod to both the old and the new – combining stalwart camera tech with a modern design and features. The Polaroid Insta-Share Printer does exactly what it says in the title. Compatible with the Motorola Moto Z smartphone range, the Polaroid mod literally snaps onto the rear of the phone to provide you with the ability to print miniature photos in real time.


Boasting a ‘real Polaroid feel’, the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer mod works with the standard Moto Z camera, with the ability to add a fancy Instagram-style filter before you print to give your Polaroids a real retro feel. Not just for instant photos, the mod can also be used to print favourite photos from Facebook, Instagram and Google Photos – who said we had to keep things digital?


When you think Polaroid, you often think of the famous line from OutKast’s song ‘Hey Ya!’ but with ZINK® Zero Ink® Paper, your prints are instantly smudge-proof, water and tear-resistant. Shake no more! Peel the adhesive backs off your prints and wallah, your photos can become a permanent fixture on just about any surface – excellent for those embarrassing snaps!


The Polaroid Insta-Share Printer mod for your Motorola Moto Z will set you back $199.99 USD (around $263.00 AUD or £152.00 GBP). A fun, inventive and nostalgic Moto Z mod just in time for Christmas!