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No more internet distractions with the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

No more internet distractions with the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

Remember the good old days when your mobile phone was used to call and text people – maybe if you were super savvy you may have even sent an odd email or two? Well, Samsung is bringing back some good old 90s nostalgia with its new Galaxy J2 Pro.


No, it’s not the clunky design or awkward operation that’s sending us back over a decade, Samsung’s newest mobile model comes without the ability to connect to the internet. Why – you might ask? Samsung has designed the J2 Pro to ward off distractions, marketing the device at students more specifically. Offering a special discount for youngsters aged 18-21 years old when it launches in South Korea in June, the Galaxy J2 Pro aims to keep students focused on their studies and reduce the amount of time being spent on social media and watching endless hours of cat videos on the internet. The model is also being marketed toward elderly citizens who require a functional mobile phone without the added confusion of internet services.


The model still comes with standard features you’d expect to find on a smartphone, such as a 5MP front (with LED flash) and 8MP rear camera, a microSD card slot, 1.5GB of RAM and a 5 inch qHD sAMOLED screen. You can still technically share your photos by transferring them using the SD card or USB connection, and you can also still add apps to the phone if they don’t require an internet connection to fully function.


It will be interesting to see the uptake in South Korea for this internet-less mobile device, as unfortunately the version of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro already available in Australia has full internet connection ability.

Source: Samsung