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No More Fashion Mishaps Amazon's Echo Look

No More Fashion Mishaps Amazon's Echo Look

Ever wished for your own personal stylist? Someone who will give you an honest opinion when you need it most? What about someone who takes your photo from all angles to let you see your outfit from a different perspective? Wish no more with the Amazon Echo Look.Echo_Look

Echo Look is a hands-free camera with your very own built-in style assistant, Alexa. Using only your voice, take images of your outfits and favourite looks to create your personal look-book, making it easy for you to select outfits when you’re in a rush. The camera takes full-length photos and 6 second videos to create a 360 degree display of your outfits, showing you them from every angle. LED lighting and background blur make your outfits stand out – giving you a true glimpse of how your outfit looks on you.


Outfit looks be stored on the accompanying app, sorted by favourites and shared with friends if you so wish. Learn which outfits work best for you, which outfits are your daily ‘go-to’ and even get a second opinion from Style Check to let you know which outfit it thinks suits you better. Using machine learning algorithms and advice from style experts, Echo Look will compare two outfits and let you know which one looks best. Gradually, Echo Look will understand your fashion tastes and make smarter, more accurate decisions every time you use it.


With built-in Alexa, the Echo Look will perform many of the tasks usually found on Amazon’s smart speakers – such as setting alarms and reminders, reading the news, playing music and much more. Currently only available through invitation only, the Echo Look retails at $199.99 USD on Amazon.com. We hope to see it released to the public very soon!

Source: Amazon.com