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Apple Confirms It 'Slows Down' Old iPhones

Apple Confirms It 'Slows Down' Old iPhones

Tech giant Apple has recently (and rather disappointingly) confirmed rumours that it intentionally slows down iPhone models as they get older.

In response to angry customers, Apple argues that it is simply trying to prolong the life of each device as the phone’s battery performance degrades over time.

In an online statement, Apple describes how the life of lithium-ion batteries diminish over time, where device use and environmental factors can affect battery performance. They go on to explain that an “aged battery” is less capable of delivering “peak energy loads” which can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down in certain situations.

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By smoothing out these ‘peak currents’ in Lithium-ion batteries, Apple intended to prevent devices from unexpectedly shutting down to avoid the loss of data or ruining the “iPhone experience”. This process is implemented through a series of iOS updates which slow down the performance of the device.

Many Apple customers simply discard their older, slower iPhone models for newer models, unaware that a simple battery replacement would return their device’s performance to full speed.

In response to customer concerns, Apple is reducing the price of out-of-warranty battery replacements from £79 to £25 ($39 AUD or $29 USD).

Apple reiterates that it appreciates its loyal consumer base and is working to improve iOS updates to provide more visibility on the health of iPhone batteries.

For more information, visit Apple’s website: Apple iPhone Battery and Performance

Source: Apple.com