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Honor 10 proves budget smartphones don’t have to have budget features

Honor 10 proves budget smartphones don’t have to have budget features

Honor recently announced the release of its newest model the Honor 10, a reasonably priced smartphone with all the features of a high-end handset. As Huawei’s sub-brand, you’d expect to find just a few aspects of popular Huawei models such as the P20 Pro, but the Honor 10 wows with its sophisticated selection of features and finishes packed into a smaller, more pocket-friendly model perfect for a one-handed grip.


The rear glass Aurora design captures the light, glimmering and transforming through an array of colours to produce a truly luxurious feel. The front display heeds to the latest ‘top notch’ trend, holding the 24MP selfie camera and front sensors. Despite its smaller size and LCD technology (instead of OLED), the display still produces clear, detailed images with a 2280 x 1080 resolution. The front display is also home to the under-glass Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for a rapid unlock which requires slightly more pressure than your standard rear reader.


The rear 24MP and 16MP dual AI camera with F1.8 wide aperture work in perfect synergy to optimise camera settings according to the environment and context of each image. AI technology allows for professional-grade photography by recognising over 500 scenarios in 22 categories, adapting to suit the environment accordingly.


The front-facing selfie camera uses the same technology to create the perfect selfie in Portrait mode, with 3D portrait lighting and studio effects for a professional finish. This same camera is equipped with face unlock, though this feature isn’t something that the Honor 10 focuses on. Everything is topped off with Honor Supercharge for safe, quick charging and a more seamless NPU core for faster AI and smoother processing.


A super-charged device for half the price, the Honor 10 will be available almost immediately in the UK (£399 for 128GB) and Europe (€449 for 128GB), but we will have to wait for an Australian launch date.

Source: Hi Honor