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Google Clips: Creepy AI or Ingenious Spy?

Google Clips: Creepy AI or Ingenious Spy?

No matter how good our camera tech has become, we always seem to miss some of the most important moments in life. You quickly grab your camera, fumbling to turn it on, wait until it loads then snap your picture with a few seconds of shutter delay. Argh, you missed it!

These days, most people don’t even own a camera – there’s just no need with the newest line of smartphones available. That doesn’t make it easier to capture those random moments. The solution? Have a camera that’s always turned on.

This sounds a little creepy, and, essentially, it is. Google Clips wants to watch you until its AI feels the need to take a picture – just at the right moment. This small camera is two inches square with a small lens that can easily fit in your pocket. There’s no viewfinder, microphone or power button, you simply turn it on by twisting the lens and either stand it on a flat surface or use the handy clip to attach the camera to just about anything.


Using its 130-degree viewing range and 12MP sensor, Google Clips records short moving images when it thinks something interesting is happening – learning faces over time to capture more and more of the moments you’d enjoy the most, i.e. clips of family and friends not total strangers. You can then view these clips on the accompanying app and sort through the ones you want to keep.

The best way to use Google Clips is to simply leave it somewhere, forget about it and carry on as normal – leaving the camera to capture moments involving you and others around you without interference. What about security? Google says users can be rest assured that their photos and moving clips won’t be subject to any privacy issues. Everything Google Clips captures is stored locally on the device itself including its facial recognition data, only syncing with your phone app when you tell it to. Data is also encrypted in its 16GB of memory just in case you misplace your Google Clips device.


No, the camera isn’t as high-quality as what you might find on your smartphone, and yes it only lasts for around 3 hours of active use (or a few days if it’s on standby not seeing anything worth capturing) but Google Clips is there to capture those precious moments you don’t normally get to yourself. Whether that’s capturing the time you spend with family or friends or seeing what your pets get up to when you’re out of view, you can count on Google Clips to show you a different perspective. At $249, it’s up to you to decide whether the investment is worth it!

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