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Find your lost possessions with Telstra Locator

Find your lost possessions with Telstra Locator

How often do you lose the things you need most? Car keys, mobile phones, your wallet for example? Well, Telstra wants to help with its Telstra Locator.

The concept is simple. Attach one of the Telstra Locator ‘tags’ to your most loved possessions and use a Telstra app to locate said items via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Telstra will offer three different tags:


Bluetooth tag: small, coin-sized tag with 12-month battery life, using Bluetooth for location. Designed for small items like keys and mobile phones.

Wi-Fi tag: slightly larger, rechargeable tag with a 4-6 week battery life using both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to locate. Designed for larger items such as handbags, pets and bikes.

LTE tag: available in 2019, this tag will use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular connection for location. Designed for your most valuable, loved possessions.


How will it work?

Telstra Locator tags will not just pair to a single Bluetooth device but will use a whole ‘Bluetooth locator community’ comprised of Telstra customers who will use their mobile phones as beacons for Bluetooth. Users that opt in to use the Telstra Locator (via the 24/7 App) will give permission to use their phone as a beacon to pick up Bluetooth signals from any nearby tags.

If someone’s tag comes into range, the location of that tag will be securely sent to that person’s phone. Therefore, anyone that opts in to the app can use other people’s Bluetooth to locate their own devices. The Telstra Locator network will also use existing Telstra Air connections and eventually expand the network across Australia.

When can I get it?

Telstra Locator will launch later this year, with subscriptions available for purchase by Telstra mobile customers with post-paid plans.

Source: CNET