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Facebook Will Now Let You ‘Snooze’ Your Friends

Facebook Will Now Let You ‘Snooze’ Your Friends

We all have to admit that our Facebook ‘Friends’ list doesn’t solely compile of our closest friends. There’s old school companions, friends of friends, ex-work colleagues, new work colleagues and requests you simply accepted from random people because at the time you thought “why not?” This leads to a lot of unwanted and unread content on your Facebook feed and sometimes some people just share a bit too much.


“Why don’t you just unfriend them?”, you ask. Well yes, there is the option to ‘unfriend’ or simply ‘unfollow’ but these are both rather dramatic options. Facebook’s newest ‘Snooze’ button allows you to simply pause content. You can unfollow pages, friends and groups for a set period of time without removing them from your Facebook account completely.

Facebook Snooze_CNN

This temporary solution will prevent those embarrassing moments of having to re-join a group, re-like a page or re-friend someone after you lose your temper in the heat of the moment – allowing you to remain in control of your content. The ‘Snooze’ feature may also become an important part of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, showing less content from those that you have ‘snoozed’ much like the previous ‘See Less’ feature.

Facebook Snooze

A lesson to those who share too much, message too often or post offensive content, your so-called Facebook ‘friends’ will probably be snoozing you more than their wake-up alarm.

Source: Techcrunch