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Bellus3D brings 3D face scanning to iPhone X

Bellus3D brings 3D face scanning to iPhone X

Developer of the Bellus3D selfie camera, Bellus3D are integrating their software into a handy app designed for the new iPhone X to allow users to create 3D scans of their faces without the need for any additional cameras.

Currently in beta testing, the Bellus3D FaceApp will allow users to capture high-res 3D selfies using their iPhone X. The app will utilise Apple’s TrueDepth Face ID Camera (only currently available in iPhone X models) to scan high-resolution images of a user’s face to ‘lifelike’ quality. Capturing over 250,000 3D data points in just 10 seconds all the user is required to do is move their head to capture their whole face with the selfie camera. Once captured, the 3D images can be viewed from any angle with the ability to integrate interactive lighting effects and share with friends.


Bellus3D boasts that it is the first company to utilise the iPhone X TrueDepth camera in such a way, hoping to use the 3D face scans in several applications including gaming, virtual make-up, custom dolls, medical applications and 3D AI and VR experiences. Not only will this app prove a lot of fun for iPhone X users, but will also save you splashing out on over $500 worth of 3D facial scanning technology. We can’t wait to see the full release!

To participate in the Bellus3D FaceApp beta trial for the iPhone X, sign up here (iPhone X required!)

Source: Bellus3D